Mastech InfoTellis: Architecting enterprise intelligence

Mastech InfoTrellis is a data and analytics firm that helps its clients architect enterprise intelligence so they can learn, adapt, and evolve faster than their competitors. This enables them to increase business velocity, reduce costs, and increase corporate resiliency.

Mastech InfoTrellis achieves this using tailored, process-oriented programs that leverage deep skills in the disciplines of data management, data engineering and data science.

What is MDM? Let's whiteboard it.

An educational and entertaining whiteboarding session on master data management from IBM Global Elite Partner Mastech InfoTrellis.

Unlock the potential of your data for impactful and actionable insights

Mastech InfoTrellis solution architecture

Mastech InfoTrellis will help you deploy modern, advanced analytics capabilities (such as artificial intelligence and machine learning) that deliver significant business value.

Build a strong data foundation and add to it – brick by brick

Data science

Let us catalyze your business velocity, reduce operational cost, and increase enterprise resilience. It’s time to boost your competitive performance.

Data engineering

Let us arm you with our expertise in proven commercial and open-source technologies to instantiate your enterprise data environments. Minimize support and lifecycle costs.

Data management

We work with businesses to devise and deploy a data-driven enterprise architecture, tailored to the business’ competitive requirements.

Case studies

Learn more about how Mastech InfoTrellis delivers meaningful value to its clients.

Why do big data projects fail?

We've heard the buzzword and its importance in unlocking phenomenal business growth. But only if implemented correctly.

MDM is as good as the ROI it demonstrates

We know the merits of MDM as a single source of truth for customer-centric business initiatives. But how do you make a business case for it?

Your enterprise is more intelligent than you think

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