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Trusted experts in analytics, QueBIT is dedicated to helping organizations leverage their data to make more intelligent decisions, that result in significantly improved business value. QueBIT has delivered analytics solutions for more than 450 organizations, including some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

QueBIT solutions span the entire spectrum of analytics, from data management, including Big Data strategy and implementation, Business Intelligence, Business Planning, Predictive Analytics and IoT Analytics. QueBIT’s unique CARE methodology coaches’ customers to achieve independence in solution ownership, while delivering rapid time to value.

QueBIT Solutions

Innovative, effective and practical solutions to solve customer business problems

Predictive Demand Planning

The QueBIT solution for Business Analytics and demand planning offers an intuitive, interactive budgeting and planning environment with highly accurate predictive demand forecasts. The system generates forecasts using advanced statistical and machine learning techniques.

Financial Planning & Analysis Solution

Ready to talk to us about getting better insights, reducing errors and having more time for analysis in Finance and Operations? Do you want to integrate Predictive models powered by Machine Learning and AI technologies for predicting demand and optimizing pricing? Every business needs to plan. Planning is the fundamental activity through which goals are set, resources are allocated, performance is measured, monitored and understood. Without all this, you are flying blind, and making uninformed business decisions.

Predictive Price Optimization

Pricing products and services effectively is key to retaining customers, growing market share and maximizing revenue/gross margin. An effective price optimization platform, must be able to identify price changes that drive these corporate goals in a user friendly, interactive environment. Achilles provides deep insight into how pricing recommendations are made and gives a better understanding of your customers; how they behave and how you can strengthen your relationship with them through effective pricing strategies.

Product Recall Solution

QueBIT’s Product ReQALL provides a quick and efficient view into your operations, allowing you to find the needle in the haystack, and even how many haystacks have needles!” Simple, Efficient, Real-time: ReQALL allows your business to proactively avert crises and retro-actively analyze vital information to prevent future crises.

QueBIT Consulting - Trusted Experts in Business Analytics

QueBIT Consulting, LLC is an established consulting firm which specializes in business analytics.

Learn how Surlean Foods & QueBIT tackle food safety in real-time using Cognos Analytics 11.

QueBIT cares passionately about helping good companies become great, through analytics solutions and service offerings.

Quebit are your trusted experts in Analytics

QueBIT has delivered analytics solutions for more than 450 organizations, including some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Increased Efficiency with IBM Planning Analytics and ReportWORQ

The Challenge: Sunbelt Rentals monthly reporting and distribution process was dependent on a laborious, manual, and inconsistent processes in Excel.

The Solution: IBM’s Planning Analytics (PA) and QueBIT’s distribution tool, ReportWORQ, were leveraged to build a customized financial reporting model and automate the distribution more than 1300 reports each month.

The Benefit: Reduced 60 man-hours to less than 10 minutes each month required to distribute all profit center financial statements.

How Surlean Foods tackled food safety in real-time using Cognos Analytics 11

The Challenge: Generating USDA compliant reporting real-time by anyone in the organisation at any point during the week. The existing process utilized three disjointed reports that only 3 highly skilled employees in the company were able to run.

The Solution: The solution addresses two business critical needs. The first is a real-time exact replication of the database to the cloud, which can serve as an automatic switch-over disaster recover solution. The second is converting that replica into a Business Intelligence Data Warehouse near-real time. This allows disaster recovery backed ad-hoc reporting 7 days a week to meet USDA reporting requirements.

The Benefit: Surlean can now track all operations, minute- by-minute. This is driving improvements in business processes that will move the company towards even more efficiency and profitability while remaining in regulatory compliance.

Prescriptive Analytics & CPLEX Decision Optimization and TM1 Dashboard

The Challenge: At JLG, a monthly Sales, Inventory, and Operations Plan (SIOP) is produced. The Master Schedule determines when and where a machine will be manufactured based on the SIOP Plan. Adjustments to the Master Schedule are made by day, product, production facility, assembly line, and forecast groups and takes approximately 10 days to complete.

The Solution: Through research, it was determined that CPLEX and TM1 would be very compatible and the necessary toolset to deliver the Master Schedule solution at JLG.

The Benefits: This resulted in an estimated $700K annual savings, enabling us to shift our focus to more strategic work instead of admin work.

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