What is Watson Tone Analyzer?

The IBM Watson™ Tone Analyzer service uses linguistic analysis to detect emotional and language tones in written text.

Watson Tone Analyzer features

Conduct social listening

Analyze emotions and tones in what people write online, like tweets or reviews. Predict whether they are happy, sad, confident, and more.

Enhance customer service

Monitor customer service and support conversations so you can respond to your customers appropriately and at scale. See if customers are satisfied or frustrated, and if agents are polite and sympathetic.

Integrate with chatbots

Enable your chatbot to detect customer tones so you can build dialog strategies to adjust the conversation accordingly.

How customers use it

Mobile application with a serverless back end

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use IBM Cloud Functions and cognitive and data services to build a serverless back end for a mobile application.

Go to the serverless tutorial

architecture steps to getting a feedback app that analyzes tone of feedback text with appropriate response

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