Take your video content further. Way further.

Watson Video Enrichment allows you to see deeper into your video content than ever before, unearthing opportunities to improve content discovery, viewer engagement, ad revenue and more.

Introducing Watson Video Enrichment

Watson Video Enrichment uses Watson’s industry-leading cognitive abilities to analyze audio, textual, and visual data within multimedia content – deeply enriching the value of every video asset by creating automated data sets that are more detailed and searchable than is currently possible for large libraries of video.

Your video content works harder with Watson

Learn how Watson Video Enrichment unlocks the value in unstructured video data.

  • With recommendation assistance from Watson, you’ll understand viewing habits on a much more intimate level, well beyond things like genre and cast
  • Target viewers based on what really motivates them
  • Recommend highly relevant content personalized to each user’s preferences, which can result in more viewing time and reduced churn
Recommendation uplift
  • Watson understands the contents of video and can learn when to flag assets for potential violation or unwanted material
  • Designed to alleviate issues such as adult content recognition, violence detection, objectionable language, fake material, logos that don’t belong, trademark or licensing violations, and more
  • Automatic identification assists in meeting compliance and saves the cost of manual search and identification
Compliance monitoring
  • Watson helps sports broadcasters by automatically identifying and curating video highlights
  • Efficient video analysis finds the most relevant highlights based on dynamic rules
  • Automatic highlight creation saves time and money, and scales for large events where quick turnaround is paramount
Highlight clipping

Watson Video Enrichment in action

TED + Watson

TED + Watson

Watson teamed up with TED to provide nuanced answers to some of life’s biggest questions. This “discovery engine” allows users to explore ideas inside all TED Talks videos via question and answer or keyword and metadata search in natural language.

Ask Watson a question
Don’t just future-proof your video business

Don’t just future-proof your video business

Future-enrich it with Watson Video Enrichment.