Salesforce Case Study

Discover how Salesforce leverages a comprehensive online video platform for live and on-demand internal communications to ensure that all employees feel a part of the company, real-time, all the time.

Roland case study

Discover how Roland engaged 2,500 employees by offering a security rich, high definition, live video experience that emphasized ease of use for those conducting the broadcast and for employees to access the streaming content.

MER Conference™ case study

See how the MER Conference quickly pivoted to a digital experience that engaged audiences remotely.

A California superior court case study

Discover how a California superior court does live courtroom streaming to the public through using IBM.

GROHE case study

Find out how GROHE, through partnering with IBM and VOK DAMS, has been able to successfully pivot toward launching robust digital experiences.

University of Georgia case study

Discover how the University of Georgia, by partnering with AT&T and IBM, was able to successfully pivot performances to online with great video quality.

Excellence in Policing Conference case study

By leveraging technology from IBM Watson Media, the 20th Excellence in Policing (EIP20) conference goes virtual.

Recycled Percussion case study

Learn how Recycled Percussion, a band with a unique style of using almost anything as percussion instruments, are now taking their talents to another level with IBM: online.

Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg case study

Pivoting in-person events to digital experiences in three weeks time through leveraging IBM Watson Media.

SolarCity case study

Learn how IBM Watson Media helps 15,000 employees shine through live and on-demand video streaming.

Brandlive case study

See how Brandlive transforms brands' and retailers' go-to-market strategies with IBM Watson Media.

Cleeng case study

IBM Watson Media and Cleeng help customers find new revenue streams through video monetization.

Seekat case study

Seekat broadcasts live events ranging from concerts, seminars and conferences using IBM Watson Media.

Sandy Audio Visual case study

Sandy Audio Visual helps senates, supreme courts and more to do live events, generating annually six figures in added revenue.

Madach Theater case study

Learn how Madach Theater welcomed nearly 6,000 spectators in June, even with closed doors View

Sony Playstation 4 case study

See how Sony gained millions of viewers through live video streaming their Playstation 4 (PS4) launch.

PeopletoPeople case study

Learn how PeopletoPeople (now We'll) increased viewership 100% in a security rich environment.

USA Network: Mr. Robot case study

Mr. Robot fans enjoy the live streaming after show with their favorite actors through IBM.

Fox Sports: World Cup case study

FOX Sports tapped IBM Watson Media to enhance sports viewing experience through AI tech.

US Open case study

IBM Watson Media clipped US Open 2017 highlights from over 300 hours of video content.

CreativeLive case study

CreativeLive uses IBM Watson Media to broadcast their online classes worldwide through a multi-CDN connection. 

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