OTT solutions that power exceptional viewing experiences

Tap into a robust over-the-top streaming platform. One that can be used to manage OTT content ranging from live streaming material to VOD (video on demand) while reaching virtually any Internet connected device and offering user analytics.



OTT Reliability

Take control with a service provider that handles OTT video delivery, offering a multi CDN (content delivery network) setup for reliability. Scale your online video and live TV programming from an infrastructure setup with failover contingences for worldwide OTT content delivery.


OTT Accessibility

Enhance content accessibility over OTT streaming with automated, AI-driven closed captioning available for live streaming and VOD content. Also utilize live transcoding for mobile devices and smart TVs across various bandwidth connection speeds.


OTT White-label

Utilize customization and APIs to develop an OTT viewing experience that matches your brand. Develop experiences across Internet connected devices, from gaming consoles, Android devices, iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more.

OTT platform solutions

IBM Video Streaming

A scalable, Cloud-based OTT platform that is a comprehensive solution for live streams or VOD (video on-demand). Offers SDKs, APIs and managed services to help develop white-label experiences for subscribers and viewers. Playback is managed from a multiple CDN setup that features software defined QoS (Quality of Service) that optimizes the end user experience based on performance and to mitigate outages. IBM's OTT services and video platform include a CMS (content management system) with an online video editor for trimming out unwanted segments. This also is used to manage automatic, AI-driven closed captions generated by IBM Watson. The streaming service can be used for OTT video monetization or AVOD (ad supported video on-demand).

OTT platform monetization

Learn how IBM and Cleeng help organizations, traditional cable programing providers and startups unlock revenue streams using OTT solutions through video on demand and live streaming monetization. With TVOD models (pay per view video on demand) and SVOD (subscriber video on demand) revenue models, broadcasters and content creators can monetize their OTT video programming such as TV shows or live stream events.

OTT platform use cases

OTT live event coverage

Develop OTT services that provide live streaming content to subscribers or from a pay per view model. Increase the potential audience through offering live captions or multiple audio tracks that can play over smart TVs, mobile devices and more.


Build an OTT streaming media collection available to subscribers through video monetization and accessible from virtually any Internet connected device. Alternatively, or in addition, sell video content through a pay per view basis for viewers to access.

Content management

Maintain a library of high-quality OTT content that can include TV shows and other video assets. Includes workflows for managing metadata, to make video content discoverable, and closed captions that are automatically generated.


Content delivery system built for scalability

Reliability is key for over-the-top streaming services. Learn what type of CDN (content delivery network) infrastructure is needed to serve high quality live and VOD OTT content to massive audiences without congestion issues that can throttle large scale streaming.

Adaptive bitrate streaming for OTT platforms

Broaden audiences by transcoding video content. Reach a wide range of bandwidth speeds through adaptive bitrate delivery. Applicable for video on demand playback and live streaming through leveraging live transcoding.

Metadata: OTT content management

Discover the importance and long-term value of video metadata as it relates to an OTT platform. Discover how expert tools can be used to develop a workflow to manage making video content discoverable and OTT services stickier to end users.

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