How to move people with video

Text makes us read. Video makes us feel. See the difference in a minute. Find out how video content is transforming the world.

Live Streaming Checklist of Essentials

Most events today have two audiences: the one in the room, and the one behind their screens. Make sure you're ready to stream your next event.

“The product launch of the decade”

How does a company introduce 30 new products in 8 cities worldwide in just 24 hours? See this infographic for details on how Roland reached 90,000 unique viewers.

Video marketing use cases

Product Launches

Engage prospects and let fans build on the hype by live broadcasting a product launch.

Event Coverage

Whether it’s broadcasting a tradeshow presence or a dedicated event, live streaming is a great way to extend your message.

Product Demos

Educate and engage with a professional, streamed product demonstration, while also attracting qualified leads.

Touching a larger audience through video

Watch how Salesforce boosts viewership of their Dreamforce event, getting real-time content in front of millions of viewers through IBM Watson Media.

Touching a larger audience

You can have tens of thousands of people, sometimes hundreds of thousands of people watching a class together and having the same experience at the same time, and that’s scalability

Ryan Vance, VP of Content, CreativeLive

Featured products

Scale your live video to engage large audiences

Watch a demo of IBM’s video streaming offering where you can learn how to livestream, manage on-demand content assets and share your live events with others on your site or from included channel pages.

IBM Video Streaming

IBM Video Streaming is a scalable, cloud-based online video platform that is a comprehensive solution for delivering live or on-demand content to external audiences. Managed from a dashboard by account administrators, it supports both ease-of-use and complex setups. An optional registration gate can also be added for resulting in lead generation purposes.

Video Production Services

Video production for live events requires specialized knowledge, equipment and capabilities. With IBM Watson Media’s production services, companies can tap into a team with extensive, on the ground experience in online, live video streaming tackling their event even under demanding circumstances. Learn more about live event streaming services.

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