Boosting brand awareness with video marketing

Learn how Mazda drives brand awareness through large scale viewership of their product launches, attracting new customers.


Lead generation

Generate leads

Capture new customers and prospects by requiring registration on live and on-demand video content. Boost conversion rates by placing the form inside the video player and by tracking what video content is viewed.

Real-time metrics

Real-time metrics

Pay attention to near real-time analytics during a live event, such as demographic data. Use live polling results as instant feedback, allowing presenters to personalize presentations on the fly.



Engage target audiences with interactive chat rooms, moderated Q&A, clickable video ad overlays, and live polls that are timed at strategic moments during the event.

Video marketing solutions

Comprehensive video marketing strategy

See how Roland uses video for their video marketing plan. This including a global product launch featuring famous musicians. Roland’s video strategy extends to internal business needs as well, aligning their global teams of employees.

Video marketing services use cases

Content marketing

Publish video tutorials to educate and leverage video webinars to attract new customers. Embed videos on websites as well to bolster SEO (search engine optimization) efforts and dwell times on your site.

Live events

Stream virtual events, webinars and product launches to target audiences. Amplify events with social media marketing and promotion from influencers to boost audience sizes, while being supported by a massive video delivery infrastructure built for scale.

Product video demos

Educate with professional videos that showcase products and answer common questions. Record your best subject matter experts on video and use again and again in marketing campaigns to drive prospects further through the lead lifecycle and track conversions.


Increase conversions with online video

See 10 video marketing strategies on how to use video to increase your overall conversions. Ranges from attracting larger audiences through SEO to developing an effective CTA (call-to-action).

Live delivery system built for scalability

Discover what it takes to reliably stream live, high quality video marketing to huge audiences. Learn about leveraging multiple delivery layers that help you achieve scale.

Video studio recommendations

For marketers looking to tackle professional video creation, learn what equipment is recommended. This includes recommendations for producing live streams and promotional videos.

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