Marketers need to design great customer experiences and make smarter decisions faster. Data is the foundation. IBM offers industry-leading, personalized marketing capabilities that automate campaigns and present actionable insights.

Marketing Automation

The right time for real time marketing


Campaign Automation

Design, automate and measure consistent campaigns across channels like email, mobile messaging, social and more. Campaign performance insights give marketers the data they need to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Personalization

Cognitive capability: rules advisor

Create relevant campaigns at every touchpoint. Cognitive rules advisor presents marketers with the best recommendations and offers to apply to campaigns, taking the guesswork out of personalization.


Sophisticated, cloud-hosted and on premise campaign management software allows marketers to perform deep segmentation over multiple data sources to deliver tailored messages to massive volumes of contacts.


Powerful, cloud-hosted and on premise real-time interaction software allows marketers to personalize inbound touchpoints from both digital and offline channels—email, mobile, web, call-center and POS.

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