Navigating healthcare transformation

Watson Health offers end-to-end solutions for providers and organizations pursuing greater value in healthcare by offering solutions such as the following.

  • Providers
    Robust data integration and aggregation, risk-stratified analytics, performance measurement reporting, care management and patient engagement tools.
  • Health plans
    Analytics utilized by health plans to: identify consumer insights and support acquisition marketing, support care management, empower consumers for more informed decisions, and execute risk score optimization and compliance reporting.
  • Employers
    Flexible delivery of tools to help employers increase value of benefits and programs and provide employees with personalized, relevant information to help them understand their benefits.
  • Pharmaceutical and bio-tech
    Studies based on real-world evidence to help pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies understand the market landscape. Health economics and outcomes research combined with stakeholder research and engagement and management tools.

Across healthcare, we are helping to transform the business and delivery of care for greater value.

Additional features

In today’s value-based healthcare environments, costs and revenues often depend on how fast and how effectively you can identify and engage at-risk patients, members and employees. Our solutions help you gain insight from your data to stratify your populations, design targeted programs, close care gaps and align with quality measures and initiatives.

  • Outcomes: Leverage insights, outcomes and economics through solutions, expertise and partnerships.
  • Essential connections: Vastly improve your understanding of your members, stakeholders, patients or employees, to gain essential knowledge and data to breakdown silos.
  • Confidence: Provide greater evidence and clarity to help you make informed decisions.

Watson Health solutions

Orlando Health

Helped achieve Shared Savings: $6.6 million in shared savings from two ACO contracts.

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Optimize performance

Focus on quality and value
Measure clinical, financial and operational, and market metrics for insights to align with your access, quality and value initiatives.

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Enable effective care

Gain a more comprehensive view of the person Support better-informed, effective health plans, wellness programs, value dossiers and care by looking at a comprehensive view of all the factors that influence health - not just the 10% or 20% that live in the electronic medical record or claims experience.

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Northeast Georgia Physicians Group

50% of the poorly controlled diabetics had a lower A1C after 6 months AND the average decrease in A1C across the entire population was 1.8.

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Mercy Health

Achieved 5.7% higher than average overall Medicare Shared Savings Program score.

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Engage patients and consumers

Personalize care at scale
Offer a personalized experience to all of your members, employees, patients and stakeholders — while giving valuable time back to your staff.

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Manage population health

Identify and mitigate risk
Anticipate and address actuarial and clinical risk by using data to understand what your community needs at any given time and have the flexibility to share these insights in the moments that matter.

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Prevea Health

207% increase in office visits by diabetic patients with a history of non-compliance.

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Watson Health empowers you with value-based solutions to optimize performance, engage consumers, deliver effective care and manage the health of your population.

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