Watson provides clinicians with evidence-based treatment options based on expert training by MSK physicians.

Whether a community oncology practice or an international hospital, oncologists like all clinicians are struggling to keep up with the large volume of research, medical records, and clinical trials. Watson scales vital knowledge and helps oncologists. Now, with the collaboration between IBM and MSK, Watson for Oncology utilizes world-renowned MSK expertise to evaluate specific details of each unique patient against clinical evidence.

Analyzes the patient’s medical record

Watson for Oncology has an advanced ability to analyze the meaning and context of structured and unstructured data in clinical notes and reports, easily assimilating key patient information written in plain English that may be critical to selecting a treatment pathway.

Identifies potential evidence-based treatment options

By combining attributes from the patient’s file with clinical expertise, external research, and data, Watson for Oncology identifies potential treatment plans for a patient. This means doctors can consider the treatment options provided by Watson when making decisions for individual patients.

Finds and provides supporting evidence from a wide variety of sources

Watson ranks identified treatment options and provides links to supporting evidence for each option to help oncologists as they consider treatment options for their patient. Watson for Oncology draws from an impressive corpus of information, including MSK curated literature and rationales, as well as over 290 medical journals, over 200 textbooks, and 12 million pages of text. Watson for Oncology also supplies for consideration supporting evidence in the form of administration information, as well as warnings and toxicities for each drug.

It will be like having a capable and knowledgeable ‘colleague’ who can review the current information that relates to my patient… It is fast, thorough, and has the uncanny ability to understand how the available evidence applies to the unique individual I am treating.

Dr. James Miser, Bumrungrad’s Chief Medical Information Officer