What it is

The industry’s first HIPAA and GxP enabled health data platform as a service, that life sciences companies can use to build innovative digital health applications, harnessing the power of cognitive, IoT and Big Data

Built under a QMS system for organizations needing proof that the cloud solution meet stringent regulatory controls

Purpose-built for the needs of healthcare and life sciences organizations, with features including data governance, auditability, and interfaces for health data standards and systems

Watson Platform for Health - Purpose Built for Healthcare and Life Science Compliance


The Impact of the Cloud in Healthcare, Today and Tomorrow

Purpose Built for Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

Designed for Life Science Compliance

  • Health grade security, built under a GxP quality management system, providing 21 CFR part 11 audit trails
  • HIPAA-enabled to address security and privacy standards
  • Control providing our clients the ability to use a cloud while still ensuring their solution meets rigorous FDA control regulations

Big Data Services

Tailored for Health

  • Flexible data ingestion and integration with health systems
  • Data governance, patient consent management, data and identity masking tools to help control privacy
  • Big health data repositories prepare data for analytics
  • Faster Innovation meaning you can harness a big data platform designed for health system interoperability

Health Analytics Services

  • Health data enabled work space for big data analytics
  • Analytics services in a GxP environment for creating predictive and prescriptive models
  • Breakthrough Insights giving you the ability to selectively collaborate on data sets and analysis with colleagues inside and outside of your company

Scale Resiliency

Business Continuity

  • Highly available platform scalable to millions of patients
  • Business continuity for the full solution (not just parts) with back-up/restore, high availability, and service level guarantees
  • Heightened confidence allowing you to focus on running your business and driving new innovations