IBM® Watson® Care Manager helps organizations unlock and integrate the full breadth of information from multiple systems and care providers, automate care management workflows, and scale to meet the demands of growing populations under management.

Watson Care Manager can empower your care teams to individualize care plans and recommend the optimal combination of structured programs, best practices and personalized insights, all leading to better management of overall health across the population.

Cohesive community-based platform Watson Care Manager is built on an innovative HIPAA-enabled, cloud-based platform that can aggregate data and connect stakeholders, helping to support coordination and delivery of services. The Watson Health Core provides a robust health data management platform, along with big data and health data management capabilities that utilize common data models for care.

Watson Care Manager key features

Optimize care management through individualized care plans that manage the whole person across a community

  • Integrates with various analytics solutions to consolidate data from disparate systems and risk stratify populations, helping care teams quickly and effectively identify appropriate candidates for care management.
  • Enables holistic care management using one care plan for co-morbid conditions, including diabetes, heart failure, COPD, hypertension and more.
  • Includes care plan activity, notes, problems, allergies, medications, labs and more.
  • Enables consistently applied best practices through structured programs built in alignment with evidence-based medicine, quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Scale engagement to meet growing populations under management

  • Supports multiple initiatives at scale, including care transitions, palliative care, complex case management, chronic disease management and social program management.
  • Facilitates care transition management with a program designed to avoid 30-day readmissions.

Better coordinate care by unlocking the potential of structured and unstructured data

  • Presents a comprehensive health summary using structured and unstructured information available from across the organization’s systems.
  • Accepts administrative, clinical and other data from multiple sources into a HIPAA-enabled platform.
  • Works in combination with EHRs to enable an enterprise-wide approach to population health management.

Work smarter with automated workflows

  • Provides role-based access to the system for care managers, care team members, supervisors, and administrators through an intuitive user interface.
  • Works with IBM Explorys EPM, IBM Phytel or Truven products for targeted care management.


Watson Care Manager data sheet

Manage the care of a population by guiding individual care across the continuum

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