Transforming health and human services

Watson Health solutions are transforming the delivery of health and human services by helping to give professionals a 360-degree view of the citizen through the consolidation of social, health, behavioral and other data sources available from an organization. Organizations can analyze and interpret their data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video. Staff are empowered with actionable insights to assist them in meeting the needs and preferences of their clients.

The solutions offer:

  • User-centered design and engagement.
  • Prebuilt industry business processes, data model and rules delivered through a modular platform that supports mobility and hybrid cloud deployments.
  • Embedded cognitive insights help caseworkers as they make informed decisions.

Watson Health solutions

Child welfare

Enable multidisciplinary collaboration and innovation to help organizations make informed decisions as they interact with children at risk of harm and for families in crisis through our solution that offers full case lifecycle solution for managing child protection services, foster care and adoption.

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Care management

Use personalized care plans, automated care management workflows, and integrated engagement capabilities to help organizations as they deliver health and human services.

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Pension management

Support a scalable approach for national-level pension program management, while helping to provide a coordinated, person-centric service delivery model for individuals and employers.

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Disability services management

Provide resources to support organizations in the areas of individual care, rehabilitation, and income support.

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Leverage services specifically designed to respond to employers’ and workers’ changing needs surrounding pay benefits and helping find employment with job matching capabilities.

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Social assistance / integrated eligibility

Supports a range of social programs that organizations use to assist eligible individuals and their families during economic hardship.

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New York City Human Resources Administration improving the process of applying for supplemental food assistance

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Clark County DSS – Driving increased operational insight and control for organizations

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Empowering the front lines in the era of cognitive

Embedded cognitive insights help empower caseworkers as they make informed decisions.

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Partners providing value

Explore IBM's business partners who empower Health and Human Services organizations with such solutions.

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Thought leadership from IBM Cúram Research Institute

The IBM Cúram Research Institute is the social policy and research arm of IBM Watson Health. Its mission is to foster the development of innovative service delivery models that enable desired outcomes and raise the social and economic potential of people and society.

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Transforming how health and social programs are funded, regulated, delivered and measured.

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