Recover payment dollars with key fraud, waste, and abuse algorithms

Manage data and insights

Government agencies working to have a meaningful impact on people's lives increasingly face questions around where to focus to improve services and lower costs.

With IBM Health and Human Services Analytics, you can augment existing data, resources and investments with new insights to assemble a more complete view of the populations you serve and deliver better outcomes.

People are frustrated with the paperwork. People are frustrated with the process. Everybody has their own idea of what’s possible because we have no standardized criteria.

Tini Zainuden, Malaysian Child Activist

Track the health of high-risk populations

Public health crises, like COVID-19, highlight the escalating needs of at-risk populations –forcing further alignment of services and appropriate allocation of Federal funds and claims


Breadth of data

Draw from relevant health and social data, including administrative, pharmacy and clinical.

Accelerated value

Access predefined services, including pre-built data models, to reduce time-to-value.


Augment your existing infrastructure for greater efficiency.


Data warehouse, integration and hybrid cloud

Harness strategic data management, including governance and security, to create an individual-centric view of health and social expenditures.

Analytics, reporting and business intelligence

Improve cost, quality and access to care through holistic program management, and discovery and remediation of fraud, waste and abuse.

Consulting and value realization

Robust consulting services to diagnose critical issues, design solutions and monitor results to advance program goals

Knowing that we have really moved to a system that is really client centered is critically important. We are not making decisions for other people. We are allowing people to make their own decisions but providing the right resources without judgment, with dignity, and with as much support as possible. Those are the things that get me out of bed in the morning.

Shana Overdorf, Homelessness Advocate

Iowa Medicaid Enterprise

Used specialized algorithms and predictive analytics to proactively identify everything from elaborate billing schemes to honest human errors, and recovered USD 19.2 million.

Often times, it can be easy to get focused on the measurement and the data, and the assessments that you’re doing. Sometimes the client or the patient care can get lost in there. So, you have to be really diligent to make sure you’re focusing on the person that’s in front of you and not just working through the paperwork or the documentation requirements.

Nate Crowell, Licensed clinical social worker

Additional resources

Identifying and tracking those affected by COVID-19, and an appropriate resource funding

IBM’s HHS Analytics helps Medicaid and public health agencies to identify and track high-risk populations for both confirmed and potentially suspect cases, and makes sure government funds and resources go to fund the most effective programs.

Surface answers hidden in your data with IBM Health Insights.

Analyze, visualize and report complex population health data in an easy-to-understand way.

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