The future of enterprise imaging is here

With more images to manage, sites to connect, and people sharing data, enterprise imaging is critical to patient care. IBM puts you in control of your enterprise imaging journey by offering imaging solutions that put you in charge of the choice to run on-premises or cloud-native applications – or a hybrid of the two.


Smarter collaboration

Enable clinicians to easily exchange data and collaborate on cases concurrently, regardless of their location.

Advanced data management

Protect and manage your data for business continuity and effective PHI privacy.

Smarter tech adoption

Choose options that give you control over the pave of your digital transformation.


IBM iConnect Access

Universal viewing and exchange. 

IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive

Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) as a single source of truth. 

Partner Opportunities

Access capabilities and resources that may be outside of your company’s core competency.

Control your transformation

Choose to deploy on-premises or cloud-native applications or a hybrid of the two. 

AI without the disruption

Harness the potential of AI without additional steps or resources.  

Case studies


3 Core Capabilities of Enterprise Imaging

See what is possible with a true enterprise imaging system.

AI in healthcare: benefits and barriers

Overcome the common challenges and reap the benefits of AI in clinical and performance outcomes. 

Interoperability in healthcare

Seamless data exchange could improve the healthcare experience for consumers and care teams.