New CDS solution combines evidence-based drug and disease content at the point-of-care


What is clinical decision support?

Today’s shifting healthcare landscape is placing pressure on healthcare providers and their care teams to efficiently ensure that every patient receives the most personalized evidence-based treatment available. Clinical decision support tools can provide assistance by delivering evidence-based information at the point of care so healthcare providers can achieve this critical goal.

Significant clinical expertise should inform the content included in clinical decision support tools. Content should be culled from the latest, high quality clinical information from biomedical literature around the world and rigorously evaluated by experienced clinicians who have practiced in the content areas they are reviewing. A rigorous editorial process is critical to helping identify, prepare and validate the best clinical content to include in the tool.

Clinical decision support tools can help improve patient and provider experiences by helping to deliver information that can support patient-centered treatment plans. They can also help relieve clinicians of the growing cognitive burden associated with keeping up with latest evidence and medical breakthroughs while helping to streamline clinical workflows. And when combined with the natural language processing capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), clinical decision support tools can help patients and care teams to get the answers they need fast.

The Value of AI

Why clinical decision support with AI?

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has proven the value of timely access to evidence-based clinical information. However, cost reduction and improved efficiency are among the many other potential advantages that are leading healthcare providers to pursue adoption of AI-driven solutions. Find out about healthcare providers’ current attitudes toward AI by reading the 2020 State of AI — Healthcare Providers’ Perspective from Gartner.

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Benefits of clinical decision support

Get quick answers

Leverage natural language search capabilities and direct EHR integration to help improve clinical workflows and expedite access to clinical information.

Make decisions with confidence

Inform diagnosis and treatment decisions with the latest findings from peer-reviewed biomedical literature.

Support better care experiences

Facilitate personalized, evidence-based healthcare that can result in greater patient satisfaction.


Explore clinical decision support tools

Clinical decision support tools from IBM Watson Health give healthcare providers access to drug and disease information from around the world through the convenience of a single, consolidated search. When enhanced with the AI of Watson™, clinical decision support tools from IBM can accelerate the search for answers, supporting patient care and optimizing clinical workflows.

DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson

Combines the rich disease content of DynaMed and the drug insights of Micromedex into a comprehensive, AI-enhanced clinical decision support solution.

IBM Micromedex solutions

Trusted for nearly five decades, Micromedex solutions give healthcare providers access to evidence-based drug content from around the globe.

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