Operational Excellence

Simpler's approach to patient care delivery transformation

Critical hospital functions are faced with constant changes, posing constant operational challenges. Facing these challenges isn’t easy. Simpler sees to it that improvements intended for one area can affect many areas. That builds great commitment — a strong and tangible commitment that will power your transformation journey — with everyone involved.

Planning for operational excellence

Simpler has a guided approach to patient care delivery transformation adoption that includes visioning and team development.

Efficient use of resources and achieving goals

Value Stream Analysis allows clients to understand the waste, seize the opportunities and develop a road map to process improvement.

Patient care is key to operational excellence

Outcomes can improve by implementing processes for execution of improvement across patient access to care, patient process of care, patient experience of care, patient handoff to the next level of care and provider and staff experience of service.

Lean engages people for success

By including the entire team in the process improvement cycle—from surgeons to anesthesiologists to specialists to perioperative services staff—hospitals have reported a number of improvements. For example, there can be reduction in surgical readmission rates, surgery suite turnover times, total cost per case, and even time to assemble surgical trays.

Radiology Associates of San Luis Obispo

The power of two Watson Health solutions transforms a radiology practice

With some practices growing and others experiencing cutbacks in reimbursement, staying financially afloat is one thing.  How do you also reduce physician burnout?

Reductions in reading time per case have saved the practice $1.2 million per year in radiologist time

Time preparing for tumor board review decreased from 3.38 days to 2 hours

Cycle time from positive screening mammography to biopsy has decreased from 26.5 days to 7.5 days

Volume of patients late for an imaging appointment decreased

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