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Clinical decision support

Make informed clinical decisions with fast access to the latest evidence-based insights at the point-of-care. 

Clinical development

Get drugs to market faster with a unified, cloud-based clinical data management system.

Enterprise imaging

Transform at your own pace with a scalable, AI-infused infrastructure that centralizes your imaging data.

Healthcare analytics

Deliver personalized care experiences by turning healthcare data into actionable insights.

Social program management

Manage health and social programs, including eligibility, benefit management and family support programs.

Real-world evidence

Support research findings and inform decision-making by generating real world insights.


To optimize programs and improve employee experience, you need more precision, not more benefits.

Health Plan

Improving decision making and driving quality, efficiency & collaboration.


Aiming to help governments drive meaningful change through person-centric health and human services.


Advancing healthcare through innovative AI, enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions.


Life Sciences

Move toward clinical trial efficiency and see potential returns with a solid market strategy.


Get evidence-based insights at the point of care, engage patients and optimize performance.

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