To optimize programs and improve employee experience, you need more precision, not more benefits.  Learn more

Benefits Mentor with Watson

Best-fit benefit plan identification tool helping you engage employees through a chat with Watson

Health Insights

Analytic and data visualization portfolio that puts data into context and allows you to customize as you go


Watson Health aspires to help governments drive meaningful change through person-centric health and human services.  Learn more

Health and Human Services Analytics

Uncover insights from data to improve costs and outcomes, remediate fraud, waste and abuse, and drive more effective social programs

Social Program Management

Transform social services, empower caseworkers, and help clients access the programs they need to live better lives

Health Plan

With our unique combination of predictive analytics and data-driven insights, we can help provide innovative ways to advance care and improve member experience.  Learn more

Account Group Insights

Access a data visualization and report production solution that delivers visually compelling and analytically robust employer insights at scale

Benefit Modeler

Online analytics solution helps employers, health plans and benefits consultants evaluate employee benefit plan types

Flexible Analytics

Meet your goals by embedding powerful analytic content in your own technology environment

Health Insights

Analytic and data visualization portfolio that puts data into context and allows you to customize as you go

Treatment Cost Calculator

Empower members with an online tool providing accurate, real-time estimates of personalized out-of-pocket costs

Watson Assistant for Health Benefits

Drive accurate and personalized member interactions with a cost-effective engagement solution, powered by AI


Advancing healthcare through innovative AI, enterprise imaging and interoperability solutions.  Learn more

IBM Imaging AI Marketplace

Your single-source solution to simplify the process of deploying imaging AI applications

eFilm Workstation

eFilm Workstation and eFilm Enterprise Solutions are scalable and cost-effective for diagnostic viewing needs

IBM iConnect® Access

Aggregates all access and exchange of DICOM and non-DICOM clinical data with rich collaboration

iConnect® Enterprise Archive

Award winning VNA for storing DICOM and non-DICOM images, from disparate PACS, specialties and sites

Merge CADstream®

Delivers MRI data visualization and analysis to streamline reporting and interventional planning

Merge Cardio™

Streamlines workflows, simplifies data collection and automates clinical reporting

Merge Hemo

Enhances clinical workflow by streamlining data collection, inventory management and clinical reporting

Merge PACS™

Simplifies clinical workflows and enables IT organizations to scale their delivery of care

Merge RIS™

A radiology system that successfully stores, manages and distributes patient radiology information

Merge Unity™

Helps healthcare providers manage IT infrastructure through an all-in-one RIS-PACS-reporting platform

Orthopedic Solutions

This suite of solutions is designed to meet the needs of orthopedic practices and surgeons for image management

Watson Imaging Clinical Review

Uses a retrospective AI-enabled data review tool to drive accurate, timely and coordinated care decisions

Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis

Assists clinical decisions by extracting patient information from the EHR and projecting it with PACS

Life Sciences

Transforming the life sciences industry — from molecule to market.  Learn more

Access and Value Connect

Inform your pricing and access decisions by accessing real-world data and insights with our cloud-based solution

Clinical Development

A cloud EDC that supports your studies with integrated Medical Coding, ePRO and more

CTMS for Sites

Clinical trial management system offers a robust set of tools to track key operational and financial study data

Explorys® EHR Database & Analytics Tools

Real world clinical, operational and financial data that span the continuum of care

Facility Targeting Reports

Product forecasting, sales force alignment, call plans, and clinical trial placement

MarketScan® Inpatient and Outpatient View

Estimate top-line market demand, uncover new opportunities, and understand trends that may affect your product

MarketScan® Research Databases

Patient-centric data reflecting real-world treatment patterns and the full cost of care

MarketScan® Treatment Pathways

Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses, descriptive reporting, exploratory research and quick querying

Stakeholder Collaborator

Avoid the time and expense of live meetings by using virtual advisory boards

Stakeholder Manager

Identify and engage with key stakeholders for your product with the largest global stakeholder set available

Watson for Drug Discovery

Cognitive computing leverages big data, shortens time to identify new drugs and repurpose current drugs

Study Advance

Built to optimize the protocol development process by providing both the power of data insights to make informed decisions and a collaboration platform to improve efficiency.


Enabling you to focus on delivering patient-centric cancer care at scale.  Learn more

Watson Oncology Clinical Trial Matching

Helps identify more patients for more trials in less time

Watson for Genomics

Provides comprehensive content to enable molecular pathology laboratories to scale precision oncology programs

Watson for Oncology

Enables system - wide consistency while empowering oncologists to exercise control and use their expertise


Optimize performance, engage patients, and get insights at the point of care. Learn more


Helps hospitals evaluate operational performance using the largest comparative database for informed decisions


ActionOI® Practice Insights

Comparative, select, peer-group information for hospitals and practices to identify areas for performance improvement


Clinical quality insights, utilization and physician performance benchmarks against best-in-class organizations

CareDiscovery® Electronic Quality Measures

Assists hospitals in understanding data results and identifying ways to gather the required data


CareDiscovery® Quality Measures

Make it easier to meet CMS compliance and core measure reporting requirements


Healthcare Cost and Care Insights

Comprehensive, interactive view of an organization's clinical quality and operational metrics drive performance

Market Expert®

Market - specific, locally precise data insights for informed growth and service line strategies


Micromedex® CareNotes®

Single source for evidence-based patient education materials

Micromedex® Medication Essential Fact Sheets

Easy-to-read medication handouts to complement your patient education & engagement efforts

Micromedex® Neofax® and Pediatrics

Provides drug, nutritional information and dosing calculators to support neonatal and pediatric care

Micromedex RED BOOK

Quick reference tool for easy access to the latest drug information

Micromedex® with Watson™

Uses artificial intelligence to find answers and help provide quick access to evidence-based clinical information

Phytel Coordinate

Enables you to proactively engage patients with chronic and preventive care management campaigns

Phytel Outreach

Automated, evidence-based communications that help close care gaps and improve clinical outcomes

Phytel Remind

Automates communications to proactively remind patients about upcoming appointments

Phytel Transition

Automated assessments that can help alert you to patients in need of follow-up care and intervention


Interactive, customizable content and tools designed to help you increase brand loyalty and community engagement

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Inspires hospitals and health systems to pursue higher performance and deliver value to communities

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