The oncology landscape is changing. AI can help.

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Oncologists share many of the challenges facing practicing physicians across the globe. To accurately diagnose cancer and apply the optimal treatment plan, clinicians require actionable insights from large, heterogeneous, and complex data sets. Intelligent analytics and workflow technologies can help.

Help fulfill your strategic goals with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) backed solutions can help oncology professionals and
leaders by bringing together data, extracting insights, and presenting it to
professionals for their evaluation.
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Improve clinical trial enrollment

Quickly identify potential trials for patients, while supporting the clinical trial office in reaching enrollment numbers.

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Make personalized cancer care decisions

Apply evidence, best practices, and industry expertise to personalize cancer treatment approaches.

Success stories

Supporting clinical trials

Mayo Clinic sees higher enrollment in breast cancer trials with Watson clinical trials matching.

Supporting decision-making

Professionals across the oncology spectrum are gaining clarity with Watson in oncology.

Supporting personalized patient care

Veterans Affairs and Watson Health apply AI to help veterans with cancer.

Our solutions

Healthcare professionals are making progress in changing the oncology landscape using IBM Watson Health.

IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

Helps researchers and clinicians identify more patients for more trials in less time as seen in multiple studies.

IBM Watson for Oncology

Enables system-wide consistency while empowering oncologists to exercise control and use their expertise.

IBM Watson for Genomics

Watson for Genomics enables molecular pathology laboratories to scale their precision oncology programs.

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