The changing oncology landscape

New intelligent analytics and workflow technologies hold the key to overcoming a primary challenge of providing personalized approaches to cancer care—harnessing the vast amounts of data available without being overwhelmed by it. Clinicians are faced with large, heterogeneous, and complex data sets when making patient-specific clinical decisions. Oncology solutions backed by AI and machine learning provide a powerful tool by bringing together data, extracting insights and presenting it to  providers for their evaluation.

Teaming with providers

Healthcare providers armed with experience, compassion, and knowledge are an increasingly formidable adversary to the devastation that cancer causes. The ever-growing volumes of condition-and patient-specific data enables clinicians to provide highly personalized care but the time it takes to keep updated on research and examine individual medical histories can constrain their efforts. Advanced data analytics tools can surface the information they need for a specific patient. See how Data Analytics and AI solutions support cancer care teams
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Improve clinical trial enrollment

Quickly identify potential trials for patients, while supporting the clinical trial office in reaching enrollment numbers.

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Make personalized cancer care decisions

Apply evidence, best practices, and industry expertise to personalize cancer treatment approaches.

Supporting decision-making

Professionals across the oncology spectrum are gaining clarity with Watson in oncology.

Our solutions

Healthcare professionals are making progress in changing the oncology landscape using IBM Watson Health.

IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching

Helps researchers and clinicians identify more patients for more trials in less time as seen in multiple studies.

IBM Watson for Genomics

Watson for Genomics enables molecular pathology laboratories to scale their precision oncology programs.