Insights through an enterprise data strategy

IBM Watson Health supports your business transformation through an advanced, enterprise-wide data analytics approach. We can help you build a solid analytics strategy with a mature data platform. 

Think about the future of your health plan as 2020 approaches.

Encouraging a data-driven mindset

Learn about the AI technology that can help your health plan make more strategic business decisions and improve the customer experience. Get smarter about the future in six seconds.

Our focus for health plans

Improve the member experience

Flexible, member-focused services can enable personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

Put your healthcare data to work

Analytics, AI, data visualization and strategic services can help drive business value such as cost efficiencies and more.

Collaborate with providers

Focus on critical needs: provider profiling, disease management, quality improvement, cost and use analysis, while accounting for patient severity.

Our solutions

IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits

Drive accurate and personalized member interactions with a cost-effective engagement solution that understands health plan benefits logic, powered by AI.

IBM Flexible Analytics

Meet your goals by embedding powerful analytic content in your own technology environment.

IBM Account Group Insights

Give your employer groups the insights they need to maximize your partnership value through compelling and intuitive data visualizations.

IBM MarketScan® Research Databases

Capture the full continuum of care and more with our family of healthcare data sets.

IBM Treatment Cost Calculator

Engage your members with a 24/7, online cost transparency solution that gives accurate, real-time estimates of their out-of-pocket and total healthcare costs personalized to them.

Take the next step to optimize your health plan and more

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