What is IBM Health Data Connect?

IBM® Health Data Connect is a progressive approach from IBM Watson Health® to help customers, partners and developers co-create interoperable solutions for smarter health. It’s designed to make it easier to bring together data from any source, enable the creation of intelligent health records, and support the use of healthcare analytics and artificial intelligence.

Factors, such as increasing consumer expectations, mounting regulatory pressure, and a growing interest in new and emerging technologies, are driving data and AI transformation in healthcare. Health Data Connect is designed to help organizations meet this disruptive moment by enabling solutions for personalized care, population health, consumer engagement, clinical trial execution and more.

IBM Health Data Connect: Accelerating healthcare transformation

IBM Health Data Connect: Accelerating healthcare transformation


Built for the hybrid cloud

Use capabilities built on Red Hat® OpenShift® to flexibly support hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments.

Embraces open source

Leverage open standards that enable collaboration, faster time to market and easier integration.

Smarter insights, better outcomes

Focus on improving healthcare quality and reducing costs with smarter insights from disparate data. 

Use cases for the healthcare industry

Our approach

IBM Health Data Connect

isometric illustration with nine cubes representing scalability and flexibility

A focus on flexibility and scalability

Health Data Connect is designed to meet you where you are in the journey to healthcare transformation. Tap into off-the-shelf data, analytics and AI technologies or lean on Watson Health experts to design and deliver a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Data ingestion and curation

isometric illustration with nine cubes representing portability and modular capabilities

Modernize data ingestion and curation

There are portable, modular capabilities that make it easier to combine and standardize disparate data, such as claims, clinical, population and scientific data.

Intelligent health records

isometric illustration with nine cubes representing holistic view

Enable a holistic view of patient health

There are data and technologies to help assemble longitudinal views of individual and population health in support of healthcare innovation.

AI and analytics

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Unlock powerful health insights

Ready-made, healthcare-specific analytics and AI modules can support better performance and lead to cost efficiency as well as time savings.

Open source

Embracing open source in healthcare

Watson Health is setting a new standard by embracing open source development and standards. Health Data Connect taps into Alvearie, which is a Watson Health-sponsored open source initiative that’s helping developers solve challenges related to health data interoperability and accessibility.


IBM FHIR® Server

Process and store healthcare data in the standard FHIR format with this open-source solution.

IBM Watson® Annotator for Clinical Data

Extract key clinical concepts, like symptoms or medications, from clinical notes and other unstructured text.

IBM Flexible Analytics

Take a smarter approach to managing healthcare programs with insights from advanced analytics.

Healthcare interoperability

Develop a strong interoperability strategy that exceeds user expectations for privacy and consent.

IBM Health Insights

Analyze, visualize and create reports on complex data without advanced programming skills.

IBM Workplace Health Advisor

Make informed, data-driven decisions related to employee health and day-to-day business operations.

IBM Watson Assistant for Health Benefits

Provide fast, dynamic and personalized interactions at scale to assist and support your members.

IBM MarketScan® Research Databases

Strengthen your go-to-market strategy with real-world data, analytics and outcomes research.

IBM Consent Manager

Manage consent requests, securely share health data and automate audit trails to help meet security and privacy needs.


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