We’re equipping employers with new tools to support workforce health and readiness post COVID-19.

Government Health and Human Services

Rapidly deploy social services for COVID-19 response and recovery

COVID-19 has brought communities and government agencies to a standstill. Social support from governments will be critical for helping people bounce back. Symptoms of COVID-19 stretch beyond just physical health, as people will face challenges with job loss, difficulty accessing services and resource depletion.

Contact tracing and care management

In an effort to re-open their economies, governments are increasing efforts to trace, track and manage the care of those who test positive for COVID-19, so they can achieve sustained outcomes in the aftermath of crisis.

Analytics for population health

Deploy analytics to identify the most at-risk people and conduct high-risk assessments to direct medical and financial resources to where they are needed most.

Supporting citizens’ social program needs

Citizens need easier, quicker access to social services, including unemployment and food benefits. Scale up quickly with digital, responsive user experiences that can help meet increased demand.

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant delivers fast, accurate answers around COVID-19 for customers, employees and citizens. This knowledge base can be easily augmented with additional information specific to your organization, whether you're an employer, provider or government agency.


Trusted, evidence-based information at the point of care

Those on the front lines need trusted, evidence-based information at the point of care to support informed treatment decisions and patient conversations related to COVID-19. In addition, quick access to trusted information on a variety of diseases and conditions is more important than ever with the influx of patients putting pressure on the system.

IBM Micromedex and DynaMed Resource Catalog

Access evidence-based drug and disease information that can help support clinicians and individuals as they cope with infectious diseases, including COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Remote Imaging Access

Radiologists need the ability to remotely read studies now more than ever. Watson Health Imaging’s PACS offerings provide access to remote users via the web, enabling radiologists to easily access images regardless of their physical location.

Digital Command Center

Using predictive analytics, sophisticated modeling, machine learning, and process improvement, IBM Simpler optimizes the flow of patients through a healthcare facility, reducing cost and maximizing resource utilization.

High Performance Data & AI

We are providing scientists and researchers fighting COVID-19 Pandemic with IBM High Performance Data & AI (HPDA) based infrastructure solutions to accelerate drug & vaccine development and molecular marker discovery. Our solutions focus on five areas from diagnostics to monitoring to treatment: genomics, medical imaging, CryoEM, natural language processing (NLP), and molecular simulation.

Life sciences

Proven clinical trial technology in a time of urgency

Patients who need a treatment for COVID-19 are looking to life sciences companies to find a solution. The clinical development journey is extensive, but there are ways to accelerate the process through use of cloud-based technology to streamline data collection, integration and standardization throughout the clinical trial process.

IBM Clinical Development

Nurse checking her tablet

Our clinical data management system is designed to reduce time and cost of clinical trials and get therapies to patients faster. The platform features solutions that support your entire study – from startup to submission – and allow for teams to collaborate across the globe. We are offering IBM® Clinical Development free of charge to Eligible Sponsor Organizations as part of our fight against COVID-19.

IBM MarketScan Research Databases

A woman talking with a pen in her hand

Integrated, patient-level claims data reflecting the real-world continuum and cost of health care. With over 256M unique patient lives, it facilitates research on specific patient segments. Complete episodes of care can support more inclusive cost and treatment studies. Claims data can be linked to other data including electronic health records and can enhance research in many disease areas including COVID-19.

Promising practices for the COVID-19 crisis webinar

IBM Watson Health has a long history of partnering with state and local agencies to navigate through crises, including New York State after the September 11th attacks, Louisiana after Hurricane Gustav, and Sonoma County after devastating wildfires. Please join Jessica Kahn, McKinsey partner, David Nelson, IBM Watson Health Government Strategy Leader and leaders from across IBM for "Promising Practices for the COVID-19 Crisis for advice on critical actions you can put to work immediately to manage the critical needs of the most vulnerable.

Better Together: DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson

IBM Watson Health and EBSCO Information Services are excited to bring you DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson, and new clinical decision support solution combining evidence-based drug and disease information into a single offering that supports clinicians at the point of care. This solution can help clinicians as they cope with infectious diseases, including COVID-19.


We can mount an unprecedented response, together. Discover new ways to fight the virus, stay informed and adapt to circumstances.