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What is Truven Health Analytics?

Supporting transformational change in the delivery of quality care for all, for better outcomes, better use of resources, and better experiences for individuals and those involved in their care.

Truven Health Analytics and IBM

Truven Health Analytics® is an IBM Watson Health company that offers healthcare data and analytics services. It provides information, analytic tools, benchmarks, research and services to a variety of healthcare institutions, including hospitals, government agencies, employers, health plans, clinicians, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.

What does Truven Health Analytics do?

Truven Health Analytics specializes in developing market-leading performance improvement solutions built on data integrity, advanced analytics and domain expertise. For more than 40 years, they have provided hospitals and clinicians, employers and health plans, state and federal government agencies, life sciences companies and policymakers, the facts to make confident healthcare decisions.

Our customers

Who are Truven Health Analytics customers?

Truven’s customers are healthcare payers, including employers, health plans and providers. It serves four primary markets



Employers and health plans partner with Truven to manage financial and compliance pressures and inform strategies for ongoing success.


Truven facilitates the transition to value-based care with care delivery efficiency and performance improvement while advancing a provider’s strategic direction.


Life Sciences

Truven provides value demonstration and stakeholder management solutions, helping address market access challenges worldwide.


Truven supports cost and quality improvement, consumer engagement and fraud detection at all federal healthcare-related and 30+ Medicaid agencies.


Truven Health Analytics, as part of the larger IBM Watson Health, has importance in a variety of areas within healthcare.


Truven Health Analytics helps employers deliver customized, just-in-time information – creating better outcomes and higher employee engagement. It reduces the burden on Human Resources through an offering of service, predictive analytics and cognitive insights.

Health plans

Truven uses enterprise analytics, artificial intelligence, data visualization and strategic services to optimize performance, improve member health and ensure regulatory compliance. Healthcare institutions can better harness their data and provide better healthcare service from a clinical, operational and cost perspective.


Truven provides practical, unbiased insights and flexible cost-saving solutions that help government agencies with performance improvement. These solutions can find efficiencies, improve access and reduce costs to improve the quality of care throughout state healthcare and public employer programs.

Analytic research

Truven specializes in designing research using IBM MarketScan® data and other data sources to create meaning for target audiences. Its research expertise extends into many fields including.


Truven Health Analytics products

The following is a product list grouped by product type with links to specific products.


Enterprise-wide analytics

Include IBM Health Insights to analyze, visualize and report complex population health data in an easy-to-understand way.

Research databases

Utilize this extensive family of data sets that fully integrate many different types of analytic information for healthcare research.

Lean transformation

Help your enterprises deliver faster results and lasting improvements, by providing the impetus for continuous improvements across your operations.


Healthcare consulting

Use this powerful digital transformation in government health and human services to help deliver human-centric care through data insights.

Payment integrity

Use advanced analytics and AI to help take the next step in reducing risk, while tapping into predictive analytics and data-driven insights.

100 Top Hospitals®

Get access to annual studies of health system and hospital performance, as well as additional studies and consulting services to facilitate improvement.


Clinical performance improvement

Improve insight into health system quality metrics and resource utilization in order to thrive in a value-based care world.

Care delivery

Optimize care delivery and improve outcomes to build a strong and tangible commitment that will power your transformation journey.

Operational performance improvement

More accurately evaluate your operational and financial performance to increase efficiency, lower costs and help realize annualized expense improvement.