Watson Health News:

Francisco Partners invests in healthcare data and analytics

Our solutions

Artificial intelligence

Our AI solutions can enhance and expand the capabilities of medical imaging technology to help physicians provide better patient care.


Interoperability solutions

Our interoperability solutions help healthcare organizations seamlessly ingest, manage, store, view, share and exchange imaging-related healthcare data.



Radiology solutions

Our radiology solutions are designed to meet the needs of both enterprise systems and outpatient centers – from improved workflow to image and document management.



Cardiology solutions

Our cardiology solutions provide a comprehensive view of a patient records, access to simplified reporting tools and integration with information systems and EHRs.


Orthopedic solutions

Our orthopedic solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of orthopedic practices and surgeons for both patient information and image management.



Our toolkit solutions give users the ability to integrate the latest medical imaging standards into their products and maintain market-leading healthcare applications.