IBM Watson Health was created to help solve some of the world's most pressing health challenges through data, analytics and AI. By combining human experts with augmented intelligence, IBM Watson Health helps health professionals and researchers around the world translate data and knowledge into insights to make more-informed decisions about care in hundreds of hospitals and health organizations, and a large, growing body of evidence supports the use of Watson in healthcare.

Watson Health approach

Watson Health has a unique approach to the application of data driven technology in the market. It is the combination of our data, our cloud, and our AI services that build cognitive offerings for our partners and clients.

Deep industry expertise

Our specialists understand the industry challenges impacting our clients. We also recognize that progress requires partnership. We provide access to a connected ecosystem of health experts, data, and partners to support digital transformation.


Data & analytics

We provide and manage rich data sets that have been cleansed and normalized, and advanced technologies like analytics, AI, cloud and blockchain to help deliver value to our clients and partners at scale.

Actionable insights

From data and analytics, we generate relevant insights when most needed, helping to enable clinical, operational, and financial decisions.

The unmet need

What is driving the need for Cognitive technologies in health? It is Data. Medical data is expected to double every 73 days by 2020. And, each person will generate enough health data in their lifetime to fill 300 million books. Physicians simply cannot keep up with the growing amount of information available to them.

In addition, there are growing challenges of physician shortage and physician burnout. Today, primary care physicians work on average 11.2 hours each day and 6 hours of that day is spent interacting with the Electronic Health Record. And, social determinants of health make up 70% of our health determinants. Where we live, how we eat, when we exercise, levels of stress, family support are huge factors in our overall health.

AI can make sense of the overwhelming amount of clinical data, genomic data, and social determinants of health data to find the best path for each patient.

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Data stewardship

Responsible data stewardship is core to our mission. We use the best data to train our solutions, we are transparent about how we train, and we believe your data is your data.

A client's data is their own, our agreements with clients are transparent and there is no requirement to relinquish their data or their insights for our benefit. We will always be transparent about how our AI systems were trained, the data sources that were used and how the training was completed.

Our mission is to improve lives and give hope by delivering innovation to address the world's most pressing health challenges through data and cognitive insights. Our progress is real, and our mission gives us purpose. To have a positive impact on humanity that is sustainable for the long term.

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Watson Health made important progress:

The journey started in 2005 when Artificial Intelligence in healthcare was a Grand Challenge at IBM Research. That work at IBM Research was the foundation for Watson Health at our launch in April 2015 and remains foundational to our work today.

80 peer-reviewed studies

More than 80 peer-reviewed studies, posters and abstracts that cover our Watson Health AI offerings alone.

1900 pieces of scientific evidences

Since 2015, more than 1900 pieces of scientific evidence have demonstrated the science of Watson Health in the areas of research, real-world evidence and AI.

IBM Watson Health Scientific Update

At the end of each quarter, the clinical team packages up a sampling of scientific evidence from Watson Health and its partners from the previous quarter. To subscribe for regular updates, email kristi.bond@us.ibm.com.