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Industry Kits

Develop chatbot conversations faster and easier with industry-based kits. These pre-built conversation kits feature question and answer pairs related to specific industry topics that draw on consumer interests. Customize your conversation within this feature to easily plug in brand names, customer service contact information, key details for a product or service, and more.

Automated Content Generation

Use the scraper tool to effortlessly pull FAQ question and answer pairings from a brand’s website to help train and build human to computer conversations with ease.

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See how your conversation flows in a real-time interface before it's published.

Accuracy Test

Test the precision of training conversation and responses before publishing.

How customers use it

  • Product Discovery Conversations

    Product Discovery Conversations


    Brands face difficult messaging challenges with vastly different consumer personas, delivering the right details about a product to the appropriate audience is tough and often requires a diluted and general approach.


    Watson Ads Builder conversations allow brands to engage in a 1:1 dialogue with consumers, providing deep interaction and insight into the specific needs of that consumer. Answer all of their questions, uniquely and in one place.

  • Guided Exploration Conversations

    Guided Exploration Conversations


    Consumers have uniquely individualized desires and curiosities and it's difficult for brands to invite exploration on precise topics in complex purchase paths.


    With Watson Ads Builder, you can offer consumers unique conversations that act as guides to explore the features within a product or service that is of most interest to them.

  • Product Selector Conversations

    Product Selector Conversations


    Consumers are presented with thousands of choices each day, resulting in a common pain of choice paralysis. There's a plethora of information available to help, but searching it out and making sense of it is time consuming and complicated.


    Watson Ads Builder now allows you to build a conversation that can help your consumer make a decision based on product type, budget, or nearly any other parameter (flavors, formats, colors, scent, etc.), easing the pain of choice paralysis.

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