What it can do for your business

When dealing with high-value cases, prolonged-duration scenarios, and ad hoc processing, complex claims rarely follows a fixed path . It is important to keep systems and procedures easily operable for knowledge workers by reducing processing times, manual steps, and multisystem use. IBM software, including Operational Decision Manager, increases process efficiency by applying business rules, process automation, content management, and process analytics to drive for more successful outcomes. It is a solution platform that transforms claims operations across the enterprise.

Improve productivity

Allow for improved automation and flexibility for knowledge workers when handling sensitive cases.

Reduce costs

Reduced costs by eliminating manual steps with increased automation.

Streamline processes

Enhances knowledge worker experience by reducing number of necessary case management systems.

Increase collaboration

Easily collaborate between personnel, service providers and clients.

Improve operational processes

Help insurers improve operational processes involving complex claims.

Keep data safe and secure

Easily retrieve, review and process claims with centralized document control.

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IPD Ultera for Complex Claims

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IPD Ultera for Complex Claims