What IBM® Storwize® V7000 Can Do For Your Business

IBM Storwize V7000 is a virtualized, enterprise-class solution designed for all-flash or hybrid storage. It enables you to take advantage of hybrid cloud technology without replacing your current storage. It allows the use of cloud storage for data copies from more than 400 supported storage systems. It also helps to quickly deploy hybrid cloud configurations while slashing the potential cost. IBM Storwize V7000 can help you lower capital and operational storage costs, optimize performance with flash and enable seamless connectivity to cloud-based resources through Transparent Cloud Tiering.

IBM Storwize V7000

Save money

Data virtualization technology helps insulate applications from physical storage. The result can be real cost savings to your business.

Deploy hybrid configurations faster

Hybrid cloud support enables the use of cloud storage for data copies from more than 400 supported storage systems – speeding hybrid configurations deployment while slashing the potential cost.

Reduce storage acquisition costs

Hardware accelerated real-time compression reduces storage needs by using up to 80 percent less disk and flash capacity.

Gain high density and high availability

High density enclosures increase the maximum number of drives by almost three times. High availability and load balancing support virtualized servers in high-availability configurations.

Easy to scale and migrate

Clustered systems can scale both up and out for performance and capacity. Automated storage tiering automatically migrates data between storage tiers based on real-time usage analysis patterns.

Six good reasons to use IBM Storwize V7000

  • Improves efficiency with advanced migration and compression
  • Uses a tightly integrated flash storage approach
  • Allows for better availability, backup and security
  • Provides dynamic migration, metro mirror and global mirror
  • Enables dynamic growth
  • Supports hybrid cloud configurations

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