Key features of IBM File Gateway

Reducing the costs to operate your edge-based file gateway

myFileGateway provides trading partners and users self-service to help end dependency on IT staff. Extensive communications protocol support and the ability to scale on demand helps companies consolidate all their internet based file transfers on a single gateway which reduces cost-of-ownership.

Cloud based containers

Begin your journey to a hybrid cloud with Docker containers. Significantly reduce installation and patch time from hours to minutes by deploying your solution in a cloud based virtual container with all required components.

Centrally manage the relationships with your B2B community

Partner Engagement Manager works in conjunction with IBM File Gateway to centralize the onboarding and management of your partner relationships. Self-service onboarding and campaigns help ensure that contact info and security certificates don't get out of date and cause process failures.

High availability operations

IBM Global Mailbox helps companies address demands for high availability operations and redundancy with a robust and reliable data storage solution available across geographically distributed locations. The solution supports active-active communications for disruption resiliency and disaster recovery in near real-time. IBM Global Mailbox is available for IBM B2B Integrator and IBM File Gateway and designed to work with IBM Control Center

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