Build for IBM Content Navigator

Document Viewer

Efficiency and speed are the names of the game for our Viewer. This high-performance document viewer loads small and extremely large documents and images at blazing fast speeds.

Cross Repository Searching

Find what you’re looking for. Built to bridge your siloed repositories, our Content Explorer feature helps you find things deep in the roots of your IBM P8 and CMIS repositories. Search the name of a document, a process it was involved in, what folder it lives in, or all three.

Document Split and Merge

Perform document surgery with our Split/Merge component, easily remove a page (or multiple) from a document, merge pages and images into a document, or reorder the pages altogether while never leaving IBM Content Navigator. This feature makes sending pages, assembling documents, and fixing errors a simple task.


Save time – bookmark. Bookmarking is an action that allows you to bookmark key information on a document so you or other team members can easily reference back to it when needed. With a tree-view menu that displays every bookmark, users save time with a one-click access to all their key information.