What it can do for your business

PostgreSQL has become the open source SQL-based relational database choice for developers, featuring built-in support for high availability, backups, logging and container setup. Now PostgreSQL Community is natively integrated into Cloud Pak for Data, giving developers the ease of Kubernetes-based containers and a complete data management lifecycle.

Users can now deploy across on-premises and cloud environments. They gain a consistent user experience with key aspects of the environments being managed through an integrated cloud-native set of APIs shared with IBM Cloud™ Databases for PostgreSQL.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data for PostgreSQL – Community Edition


With PostgreSQL, you can code in a language you are comfortable with, such as C/C++, Perl, Python, VB, PHP, ASP or Java

Easy to administer

PostgreSQL has GUI administration tools to help manage databases, as well as command line tools


Many PostgreSQL features have defined APIs so that you can build out with PostgreSQL as needed

Highly scalable

PostgreSQL can handle terabytes of data as well as a large number of concurrent users


PostgreSQL includes robust authentication an access-control system combined with column- and row-level security

High performing

PostgreSQL supports parallel queries, multiple types of indexing, table partitioning, just-in-time compilation of expressions and more