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Simplified network management for dynamic storage fabrics

IBM Network Advisor simplifies storage network management and helps you proactively diagnose and troubleshoot issues to maximize uptime, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Customizable, browser-based dashboards represent data from discovered devices – including advanced diagnostics from integration with Fabric Vision technology. As network issues arise, teams can drill down for more details to rapidly identify, diagnose and troubleshoot problems before operations are affected.

Proactive monitoring

IBM Network Advisor provides visibility into fabric health and performance through customizable dashboards and interactive topology views. IBM Network Advisor transforms data into insights so you can quickly identify potential issues and abnormal behaviors at the device and fabric level. To simplify network management, IBM Network Advisor provides simple wizards and menu options to automate critical tasks – from configuration through troubleshooting and reporting.

Rapid troubleshooting

IBM Network Advisor enables rapid troubleshooting with multiple dashboard views that highlight out-of-range conditions and provide drill-down menus for more details. As a result, administrators can use multiple data points across storage networks to make informed decisions. Among the troubleshooting features provided by IBM Network Advisor are live monitoring and point-in-time playbacks, network and time scope filters, event management, configuration change management, and Advanced Call Home.

Simplified management and resource optimization

IBM Network Advisor helps organizations manage the entire network management lifecycle, automating time-consuming tasks and freeing up valuable resources. The easy-to-use graphical user interface minimizes administrative effort and guides the user through complex operational tasks. In addition, bulk deployment and configuration offer significant time savings over repetitive switch-by-switch administrative tasks to reduce costs and increase resource efficiency.

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