What it can do for your business

IBM® MultiNetwork Services helps hybrid cloud providers dynamically manage WAN traffic across a combination of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Internet connections, using multiple carriers serving multiple countries. The service provides back-end aggregation for the network services needed to support applications and business processes by leveraging IT-as-a-service for hybrid clouds. The SD-WAN approach routes traffic at any time, using the required network capacity, to any cloud platform leveraging multiple service providers. Hybrid cloud providers will also benefit from a single, consistent view of their WAN infrastructure.
IBM MultiNetwork Services

Improve global agility

Use a software-defined approach to procure network resources as-a-service from several providers that can provision, based on the best price and performance.

Simplify management

Aggregate hybrid cloud management across carriers, technologies and locations, and gain global visibility into your network using a single corporate dashboard.

Enhance performance at a lower cost

Increase bandwidth and reduce MPLS costs – IBM clients have experienced up to 30% more bandwidth and 25% lower MPLS costs – by using the best performing, best priced transport services for your needs.

Key features

  • Global Network Peering Platform (GNPP)
  • Single management dashboard
  • SD-WAN Managed Services
  • Hybrid WAN service
  • Encryption over WAN
  • Dynamic application routing
  • Any-to-any VPN
  • WAN optimization
  • Web filtering and proxy-based Internet access