What it can do for your business

Inceptum Field Services Management is a business process driven workforce solution that enables you to schedule, track, and monitor all of your field tasks. Field tasks are assigned to field engineers based on different criteria such as knowledge, skills, certificates, resources etc. Field engineers use a mobile application that lets them access all required information needed for the successful completion of a field task. The dispatcher has total control over current and scheduled tasks and can intervene if escalation or prioritization is needed.

Improve work order scheduling

Advanced scheduling algorithms allow dispatchers to schedule field tasks based on the customers desires, technical requirements and the customers location.

Real time monitoring

View of the real time status of all the field tasks. Respond quickly to escalated or prioritized tasks to enhance customer experience.

Improve customer experience

Conduct customer surveys and implement field engineer scoring system to improve customer satisfaction and to optimize future field tasks.

Focus on important things

Using the dispatcher dashboard, mobile application, and scheduled reports, you can see how your field workforce is performing so you can focus on other pain points in your process.

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Inceptum Field Services Management

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Inceptum Field Services Management