Take control of your IMS Transaction Manager environment

IBM® IMS™ Transaction Manager Solution Pack for z/OS® is a new suite of IBM IMS tools that is designed to help you manage and monitor your IMS Transaction Manager within a z/OS-based environment. You can improve application resource changes, enhance the manageability of workloads, manage message queues and multiple IMS systems and more. The solution pack includes the latest versions of:

  • IMS High Performance System Generation Tools for z/OS
  • IMS Connect Extensions for z/OS
  • IMS Queue Control Facility for z/OS
  • IMS Sysplex Manager for z/OS
  • IMS Extended Terminal Option Support for z/OS
  • IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS
IBM IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack for z/OS

Save time

Perform processes faster and consume less CPU time for IMS application resource changes (transactions, programs, databases and route codes) in a single-step batch job or online.

Manage IMS systems with greater ease

Manage multiple IMS systems in a sysplex or IMSplex environment; view IMS sysplex and IMSplex information through a single interface; automate the handling of specific error situations.

Reduce costs

Decrease the expense of managing system parameters using a centralized approach that makes resource and parameter configurations more accessible to programmers working with IMS systems.

IBM IMS Transaction Manager Solution Pack for z/OS features

  • Streamlined change workflow process
  • Simplified workload management
  • Improved control of IMS message queues
  • Real-time, centralized display of IMS systems
  • Seamless management of your IMS ETO environment
  • Easier analysis and comparison of IMS configurations

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