What IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS can do for you

IMS™ Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS® helps to validate, compare, map, recover, report and regenerate many IMS libraries needed for operations. It ensures the ACB (Application Control Block), DBD (Database Description), PSB (Program Specification Block) and MFS (Message Format Service) libraries are consistent and have full integrity.

IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS can map and compare database control blocks in these libraries and can recreate source members from compiled control blocks. There is also a sophisticated graphical user interface that shows the relationships between the IMS database and program definitions.

IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS

Prevent database corruption

Avoid corruption caused by using an incorrect database description (DBD).

Ensure definitions are in place

Confirm that all definitions in an IMS subsystem necessary for database operations are in place.

Compare members of applicable libraries

Compare applicable libraries and reports on any differences between them.

Recover critical information

Regenerate and recover source control statements for library members.

Make it visual

View and work with a graphical representation of library members.

Make it faster

Replace the standard IMS-provided Application Control Block (ACB) generation utility with a high speed generation facility.

How IMS Library Integrity Utilities for z/OS works

  • Stronger resource integrity
  • Higher resource consistency across libraries
  • Database and application consistency checking
  • Convert control blocks to/from utility control statements
  • Reports that help manage IMS databases and applications
  • Graphical user interface

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