An Architects view of Hazelcast IMDG

This white paper provides an introduction for architects and developers to Hazelcast®’s distributed computing technology. Topics include Toplogies, Replication and Serialization, In-Memory Format for IMap, Caching API, Hazelcast and CAP, and Hazelcast Enterprise.
Hazelcast Enterprise HD

Resilience and Elasticity

Hazelcast Enterprise HD cloud-based in-memory data grid offers the redundancy and fall-back expected of a cloud solution, combining blinding speed and ease of use for a seamless customer experience.

Scalability, Security and Stability

Enterprise HD features include scalability with fast restart, SECURITY, rolling upgrades, WAN replication, Management Center, support for SLAs, as well as PaaS support for CloudFoundry and OpenShift.

Real-time Performance

Enterprise HD's in-memory platform offers unprecedented speed supporting complex events, with essentially no latency.

Company information

Hazelcast Enterprise HD

Provided by Hazelcast, Inc.

Hazelcast Enterprise HD

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