IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS features

Fits your operations

Automated data selection allows you to move data to the Cloud without disruptive changes to your operations. You can move data to your preferred Cloud solution with the flexibility to determine how and when you want data transferred. You get automatic data transformation and "chunking" for object or file storage. IBM Cloud Tape Connector handles local-disk caching, manages data transmission and authenticates with Cloud security.

Virtual tape emulation

New Virtual Tape Emulation gives you maximum flexibility – your applications and backup processes don’t need to change if you want to shift away from dedicated tape or virtual tape devices. A new complete Virtual Tape Emulation is fully compatible, and provides a rich capability to manage your virtual tapes. E-Vaulting capability lets you make sure your data is securely backed up and connects seamlessly to the cloud allowing you to policy-manage your data placement.

Life cycle encryption bolsters security

Life Cycle Encryption allows you to optionally enforce encryption of your data before it can be moved to the cloud and then it's transmitted to the cloud securely without relying on other encryption systems, or transitions between SSL and Cloud encryption. Life Cycle Encryption keys are only managed on the originating system, reducing the number of places keys reside. Plus AT/TLS can be used to provide secure SSL transmission, and popular cloud storage systems also provide encryption at-rest.

Data visibility

Reporting provides visibility into the location and status of data stored in the Cloud and can help to regulate the amount of data copied to the Cloud. Your administrators can now effectively use Cloud storage as a cost-effective archive for inactive data and backup-and-recovery scenarios. IBM Cloud Tape Connector can be used for any z/OS® data that can be written out to tape, and is not restricted to DFSMS-managed data.

Flexible cloud storage

Take advantage of the flexibility and economics of Cloud storage for the z/OS® mainframe environment. IBM Cloud Tape Connector enables tape data to be easily copied to supported popular Cloud storage environments such as IBM Cloud Object Storage, Amazon S3 or Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), or EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) where it can be easily and quickly recalled and data status can be monitored.

Supported environments

IBM Cloud Object Storage can use private, hybrid or public cloud options and locations worldwide with on premise or remote access to the IBM Cloud. Amazon Web Services S3 object storage, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), and EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) are also supported, and FTP options. It also requires no complicated gateway hardware devices to purchase, configure or maintain, or even a physical or virtual tape device – it directly connects with public or private Cloud storage environments.

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