Key features of IBM CICS VSAM Recovery for z/OS

Recover physically corrupted data

Use the CICS VSAM Recovery (CSAM VR) panel interface to construct a recovery job when your VSAM data has been physically damaged or lost, as a result of a fire, flood or accidental deletion or overwriting. In a CICS TS or batch environment, CICS VR forward recovery restores the VSAM sphere from a logical backup, if available, and recovers all updates made by CICS and batch applications since the backup was taken.

Recover logically corrupted data

Use the CICS VR panel interface to recover VSAM data from damage caused by logical corruption. Use the panel to build a forward recovery job. Specify forward recovery criteria to exclude any updates that have been made, but are not required, to your VSAM data by CICS transactions.

Recover updates made by CICS transactions

After forward recovery completes successfully, CICS can reopen the data set. CICS removes any incomplete units of work that exist in the forward recovered VSAM data set.

Recover updates made by batch applications

CICS VR treats each batch job step as a logical unit of work. CICS VR forward recovers updates made by completed batch job steps only. It does not leave your VSAM data in an inconsistent state; for example, when only some updates made by a batch job step are forward recovered successfully.

Automate the recovery process and reduce downtime

CICS VR helps increase the responsiveness of your VSAM assets to fit your organization’s unique needs. Automatic recovery of critical data from physical and logical failures helps to reduce data-set downtime.

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