Using Big SQL as the fabric for your Modern Data Warehouse

IBM® Big SQL is a hybrid SQL engine for Hadoop that makes querying enterprise data from across the organization an easy experience. A Big SQL query can connect to disparate sources, such as HDFS, RDBMS, NoSQL databases, Object Stores and WebHDFS, using a single database connection or query. Users will benefit from the Big SQL's low-latency and successful execution of ad-hoc and complex queries, exhibited by the ability to successfully execute all 99 TPC-DS queries in concurrent runs. Big SQL, with its high performance, security, SQL compatibility, and federation capabilities, paves way for enterprises to benefit from modern data warehouses.

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Access data from disparate sources

Federation and integration capabilities allow users to virtualize disparate data sources like Hadoop, RDBMS, and Object Stores (S3) to join data in a single query

Leverage existing SQL knowledge

Big SQL understands SQL dialects from Db2, Netezza, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL to enable porting applications virtually unchanged. Enable easy RDBMS offloads to avail SQL skills of application developers.

Advanced query performance

Only SQL engine to successfully run all 99 TPCDS queries up to 100TB with numerous concurrent users. Ability to run multiple workers per node for efficient CPU & memory utilization

Greater security while accessing data

Robust Role-based Access Control (RBAC), row-based dynamic filtering, column-based dynamic masking, and Ranger integration to provide centralized security administration and auditing for data lakes.

Explore Key Features of IBM Big SQL

  • Standards-compliant ODBC and JDBC
  • Point queries
  • Apache Spark integration
  • Federation capabilities
  • Compatibility with multiple SQL dialects
  • Available on IBM Power
  • Elastically Scalable
  • Most Secure SQL

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Easy Deployment and Configuration
Easy Deployment and Configuration
Intuitive Query Editor
Intuitive Query Editor
Cluster Monitoring
Cluster Monitoring
Overview of SQL Execution
Overview of SQL Execution
Administer Hadoop Tables
Administer Hadoop Tables
Graphical Query Execution Plan
Graphical Query Execution Plan

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