Feature spotlights

Flexible deployment

Clusters can be deployed on supported combinations of Hadoop distributions and object storage.

Deployed as a proxy server

Multiple Big Replicate proxy servers can be deployed with each cluster for added resilience. Users and applications connect to Big Replicate instead of directly to a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) using the standard HDFS URI.

No modifications to source code

There are no Hadoop source code modifications required to implement Big Replicate for Hadoop.

Patented technology

Powered by patented technology, Big Replicate enables active-active replication with guaranteed data consistency, Virtually Zero RTO/RPO and LAN experience at WAN distance.

Unifies Hadoop clusters

Big Replicate unifies Hadoop clusters running on CDH, HDP, IBM, Amazon S3, EMR, MS Azure, OpenStack Swift and Google Cloud Storage. It provides a single virtual namespace across clusters and cloud object storage that are any distance apart.

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