What it can do for your business

Now there’s a simpler and more efficient way to manage all your SIM cards, personalize their services, carry out remote analysis and reduce your operational costs. Our M2M API enables you to build services that seamlessly integrate all the information provided by your M2M SIM cards, allowing you to manage your SIM fleet in real-time and reduce the cost of running it.

Manage your machines repository

Crossmatch the machines information, the SIM information and your internal information in order to set your own process. Control all your subscriptions.

Drive the connectivity life cycle

Organize and optimize the full life cycle of your connectivity subscriptions.

Massive actions on your fleet

Handle actions on your whole fleet even if it is millions.

Control your machine's traffic

View the average cumulative traffic on the SIM card for the current month.

Perform remote diagnostics

Access all your communications history (6 month rolling) and log a malfunction from your desktop (loss of network or atypical consumption) to perform remote analysis.

Essential information

  • Self-management: Activate a subscription to open the network services and start the billing in the first use of the SIM associated to the subscription. It also enables you to suspend the subscription.
  • Auto-diagnosis: Carry out remote analysis and reduce your operational costs.
  • Monitoring: Easily set customized alarms or rules on your fleet, or on specific lines or group of lines.
Powerful self-management, monitoring and self-diagnosis services, to steer large fleets of m2m and IOT devices, in full 24/7 autonomy

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Orange IOT Connect Express

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Orange IOT Connect Express