What it can do for your business

Compare & Synchronize TM1 Servers! TM1Compare is a solution for visually comparing, auditing and synchronizing your TM1 server installations it allows you to quickly identify differences between TM1 server objects.

Track Your System Changes

Our snapshot feature lets you keep an audit trail of system changes between releases and revert back easily.

Reduces Disposable TI Processes

Focus less on promotions to focus more on "value added" work with no scripting required!

Saves Your Company Time and Money

Your team will be able to visually compare servers instantly without having to shut them down. This makes for much more efficient work compared to the manual process

Reduce Risk Of Incorrect Data

TM1Compare makes for a consistent process that is repeatable, reducing risk and allowing changes to be shared with different departments

Enhance Your Teams Skills

Our simple UI allows your team to easily compare and migrate data between TM1 servers, enhancing their TM1 skills.

Visualize Server Differences

TM1Compare allows you to see what objects are different and their values in each server instance (DEV | PROD).

Essential information

  • Automated Migrations: Automatic forward or backward migrations via dynamic GUI, select certain objects or a complete server. Migrations are cloud friendly and you can also automate comparison of TM1 objects!
  • Snapshot System: Keep an audit trail of system changes over time for each of your servers with Snapshot. Snapshot lets you compare and restore individual objects or a complete server.
  • No Scripting: TM1Compare automatically creates the code that is required to migrate objects from one cube to another then you can synchronize changes with TM1 without powering down your servers!
  • Custom Processes: Integrate TM1 into the structured change management process. Easily change custom TM1 processes that would normally have to be updated manually.
TM1Compare is a solution for visually comparing, auditing and synchronizing your TM1 server installations.

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