What it can do for your business

Connect your ERP or your Treasury Management System to Kantox and automate all your FX transactions in-house. Our API offers you more accurate FX hedging execution as well as the possibility of avoiding all manual operations, equating to the elimination of mistakes and significant time savings.


Automate all your transactions and payments.

Boost efficiency and productivity

Execute more accurate FX hedging.

Avoiding risk

Avoid manual processes, meaning no mistakes and significant time saving.

Essential information

  • Automating Manual Workloads: Kantox API fully automates FX transactions on foreign currency-denominated payments; reducing risks and saving time.
  • Accuracy down to the second: Kantox's API instructs your FX hedging instructions as soon as the limits are hit.
  • Full integration: Kantox API works with most ERP and TMI systems, letting users take advantage of Kantox's platform with minimal disruption to workflow.
Get full value by connecting Kantox to your ERP or TMS (treasury management system)

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