What it can do for your business

Our technology platform makes it easy to connect with user bank accounts, so you can get all the financial data you need to deliver superior products. Plaid delivers high-quality transaction data, validates account ownership, and helps businesses mitigate risks in a user-friendly way.

Instantly authenticate bank accounts

Link and authenticate bank accounts for payments in a matter of seconds—no micro-deposits necessary

Validate user identities

Use bank-verified account information to cut down on fraud

Pull transaction data in real-time

Gather context-rich, cleaned, and categorized transaction data in real time

Check balances to reduce NSF

Check account balances to ensure it's safe to transfer funds

Essential information

  • Coverage across 9,000+ institutions: Plaid covers 9,000+ U.S. financial institutions, from national banks to community banks and credit unions, making it possible to serve as many consumers as possible at every type of institution.
  • High-quality transaction data: Plaid can deliver a median of 12+ months of transaction history per account. This includes 25+ data elements per transaction (with confidence scores) and rich context across 500+ potential categories
  • User- and developer-friendly: Integrate our easy-to-use, well documented suite of APIs in a matter of days. This leads to an estimated $50,000+ in development savings. That ease-of-use also extends to the end-user experience.
  • Link bank accounts in seconds: Linking an account takes a user 11.5 seconds on average. Alternative approaches take up to two minutes (not including micro-deposits, which take days).
Plaid’s technology platform modernizes banking infrastructure, making it possible for businesses to securely build products that leverage financial data.

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