What it can do for your business

A multi-channel personalization platform, leveraging smart data to create a unified and real-time experience, customized for each customer regardless of channel...Online, Mobile and In-store. BaynoteOne quickly and easily integrates with existing systems making them more personal, touchpoints like ads, offers, promotions, search, navigation, shopping cart or email systems to increase ROI without deep IT involvement or expensive system upgrades.

Increase Revenue

86% BUYERS WILL PAY MORE -- 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience 45% HIGHER AVG ORDER VALUES -- Personalized content drives 45% higher Average Order Values

Increase Engagement

Deliver relevant, personal experiences for customers across sessions, devices and touchpoints through personalized search and sort, promotions, and product and real-time content recommendations.

Unify Experiences

Create a seamless and personal experience for your customers regardless of how they choose to engage with the brand.

Smart Merchandising

Empower Marketing and merchandising efforts with real-time, actionable Customer data to drive campaigning, brand experiences and revenue.

Essential information

  • Customer Experience Platform (CXP): To drive a seamless experience for customers, you need smart, real-time experience data. BaynoteOne CXP is a real-time source for customer experience data collected across all your channels.
  • BaynoteONE VUE: BaynoteONE VUE is a modern, self-service application designed to put data-driven merchandizing directly into the hands of online marketers. Includes guided best practices, AB testing and KPI reporting
  • Real Time Experiences (RTX): BaynoteONE RTX is a modern machine-learning engine designed to put big data to work. More than just big data aggregation, the purpose of RTX is to make big data insights actionable.
A multi-channel personalization platform, leveraging smart data to create a unified and real-time experience customized for each visitor regardless of channel.

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