What it can do for your business

Aginity Amp™ enables the benefits of a true enterprise analytics ecosystem by giving business users and data scientists alike the ability to build, share, and reuse sophisticated analytics with ease.

Analytics at Enterprise Scale

Aginity Amp’s intuitive UI allows business analysts and data scientists to build, share and reuse analytics without coding or SQL, making building and managing analytics 90% more efficient.

Unique Analytics Management

Aginity Amp ensures that analytics are consistent across the enterprise. It catalogs both the math and the data used to create analytics, making it easier to create consistent, trusted analytics.

Skillful Analytics Governance

Aginity Amp gives organizations the power to govern analytic creation without killing innovation. Simple workflows streamline analytic creation and validation processes from prototype to production.

Smarter Enterprise Access

Aginity Amp enables managed access to any analytic by any user and any system in the enterprise - across functions, departments and geographies.

Essential information

  • Analytic Self-Service: Allows users to search through a catalog select desired data sets for analysis and initiate a publication, all without any programming or SQL writing.
  • Analytic Governance: Aginity Amp’s governance capabilities enables simple workflows to manage analytic assets across the enterprise. Analytic assets can be categorized, promoted, retired and enhanced easily and reliably.
  • Analytic Development Environment: Allows users to create analytics without any programming effort. Existing analytics can be easily combined and reused to create more advanced analytics.
Fortune 500 companies use Aginity Amp to make the complex process of building, reusing, sharing, governing and accessing analytics 10x – 20x more efficient.

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