What it can do for your business

Unlike email, which is increasingly ignored by consumers, N2 Reach messages all customers—no email address, phone number or direct mail address is required. Get exceptional impression and conversion rates at an attractive cost with N2 Reach.

Boost conversion rates

Messages are delivered when subscribers are most receptive, yielding conversation rates up to 15x higher than other campaign mediums.

Use across your organization

N2 Reach can be used for a wide variety of purposes—with proven, measurable results. From billing to operations, security to marketing—messages can be sent from multiple departments to great effect.

Highly personalized content

Messages are based on live triggers so customers get the right message at the right time—such as upcoming bills or phone upgrade eligibility. Opt-ins ensure customers receive only messages they want.

Automate message delivery

N2 Reach integrates with your CRM and internal systems so messages are automated. Customers are added or removed from campaigns based on triggers—no manual intervention is required.

Essential information

  • Easy campaign creation: Easily design and launch media-rich campaigns in minutes using pre-built, customizable templates.
  • Precise targeting of customers: Finely tune your segmentation efforts with N2 Reach; because customers are identified in real time, based on behavior, you can be sure that essential messages always reach their intended audience.
  • Measure and optimize with ease: Live dashboard metrics and intuitive reporting help providers fine-tune campaigns for exceptional results.
N2 Reach, a powerful communication channel, reaches 90% of audiences within 24 hours and yields conversion rates up to 15 times greater than direct or email.

Company information

Nominum N2 Reach

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Nominum N2 Reach