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TinyQueries is an ultra fast alternative for Object Relational Mapping. You write queries in a object oriented style which are compiled into SQL. It's ideal for building fast REST API's and can be integrated with existing API frameworks.

Simplifies writing complex SQL - “Less for SQL”

TinyQueries can be regarded as a "Less for SQL" - you define your queries in a simple object oriented style which are compiled into SQL queries.

Extremely fast

TinyQueries is much faster than object relational mapping and is close to the optimal performance which is possible for SQL.

Maps well to RESTful api's

It's easy to map the queries you create with TinyQueries with RESTfull end points. This will enable you to create an API just by specifying queries.

Essential information

  • SQL Compiler: Powerful compiler which can be used to create fast SQL queries which follow best practices for performance. In addition there are many ways to reuse code. Complex join structures can be generated easily.
  • Integration with API frameworks: The end points of your API can be mapped directly to the queries you create with the compiler. This can increase the performance of your API dramatically.
  • Works on any SQL database: TinyQueries can be used as long as your database is based on SQL. This means it works on popular databases like DB2, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres
  • Free interface library for PHP: The queries which are compiled by the compiler can be easily accessed from your PHP code using the free interface library
TinyQueries helps you to use the power of relational databases. No scripting anymore - just code by writing queries.

Available on IBM Cloud

This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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