IBM can help the NHS respond to COVID-19

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Helping healthcare to emerge smarter

Those who work in health and care fill essential roles in our society. But the health and care system is facing enormous change. It must reinvent itself in the face of new and increasing demands and limited resources.

We offer a unique combination of advanced technology solutions designed to help drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organisations, and the support of an experienced partner.

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Digital transformation in healthcare

With a stretched workforce, how can healthcare organisations unlock the full potential of data and AI? Hear about the opportunities for technologies such as cloud and AI, with examples from leading UK hospitals.

Design your protocol right first time

In challenging times such as these, speed is key. Protocol design is already a complex process involving multiple stakeholders, iterations and IT systems. Optimise trial design from the outset by moving real world data insights upstream.

Image analysis to help reduce missed findings

As the number of medical images increase and the clinician burnout rates rise across the UK, the risk of missed findings grows. Learn more about how combining AI image analysis with human expertise can make the result more efficient.

Population health management: using data to inform strategy

View the webcast on-demand to hear from NHS England, Kent County Council and The King's Fund on how population health management and data-driven insights can be used to inform the planning and delivery of care.

Artificial Intelligence: what are the opportunities for health and care?

Explore the potential of AI in health and care, and the benefits for patients, citizens and those delivering care. Listen to experts from NHS Trusts, Cancer Research UK, The King’s Fund and IBM Watson Health discuss different use cases for AI.

Public services: designing digital pathways for all groups in society

Watch the panel session on-demand to hear from Public Health Wales, North West London CCGs and independent think tanks on how we can enable people in every part of society to benefit from government services online.

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